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Tai Chi Training Programs
                                                     Linking Energy Tai Chi Program
 The Linking Energy Tai Chi program combines traditional Tai Chi training with a more in depth study of Qigong. This focus
on both Tai Chi and Qigong has been studied and have been found to have many proven health benefits. With the aging of
our population and with health care costs increasing every year there is a great need for health based Tai Chi programs that
will improve the health of the student at any age or beginning level of health. Tai Chi has been proven to improve physical
health, reduce stress and increase longevity.  Qigong is the foundation of Tai Chi and has been used successfully in China
for over three thousand years to improve health and treat illnesses and diseases.
Student Program:

     Students can progress and level test through six
levels of Tai Chi instruction.
     The first three levels are part of the Group Class
Program where the student will learn the basics of Tai Chi
and Qigong as well as beginner and Intermediate level
Tai Chi forms.
     Students can learn one style or mix the styles to get a
better overview of Tai Chi.

     After completing the first three levels the student can
progress through the advanced program learning levels
four to six which include the more advanced Tai Chi forms
as well as Push Hands and weapons.    

Instructor Program:

     After completing the level test for Level three the
student can begin work on becoming a certified group
class instructor.  At this point the student will learn the
remaining Tai Chi forms for each level and complete a
formal written and demonstration test of all Tai Chi Forms
and Qigong sets Level 1-3,  

      After completing each Advanced Level the certified
group instructor can get certified to teach each additional
level as they complete them.  The test for each instructor
level includes written and a demonstration of teaching
skills requirement.

     Students who complete all six levels will be awarded
the black sash and can teach what they have learned but
will not have certified instructor status without taking the
additional training required.

Program Levels

Level One (Beginner):

    Tai Chi Basics:
    Warm up/Stretching exercises.
    Tai Chi Stance Training
    Tai Chi Walking and Stepping

    Qigong Exercise Sets:
    Tai Chi Primary Qigong Set
    Five Treasures Qigong Set
    Five Standing Still Qigong

    Tai Chi Forms (One required):
    Sun Style:  Tai Chi for Arthritis (Part 1)
    Yang Style: Tai Chi 10-Form
    Modern Style: Tai Chi Integrated 13 Form

Level Two (Beginner):

    Qigong Exercise Sets:
    Five Organ Element Qigong Set
    Qigong For Cleansing Set

    Tai Chi Form (One required):
    Sun Style: Tai Chi for Arthritis (Parts 2 & 3)
    Yang Style: Tai Chi 16-Form
    Modern Style: Tai Chi Combined 16-Form

Level Three (Intermediate):

    Qigong Exercise Sets:
    Ba Duan Jin  - Eight Pieces of Brocade Qigong Set
    Qigong for Energy Set
    Twelve Tao Yin Qigong Set

    Tai Chi Forms (Two Required):
    Modern Style:  Tai Chi Fan Form
    Yang Style:  Yang Tai Chi 24 Form
    Sun Style:  Tai Chi 10 Form

Level Four (Advanced):

    Qigong Exercise Sets:
    Wu Qin Xi - Five Animals Qigong
    Wuji 18 Form Qigong

    Tai Chi Forms (One Required):
    Yang Style:  103 Long Form
    Sun Style:  98 Long Form

    Tai Chi Weapon Forms:
    Modern Style: Tai Chi 16 Sword Form

    Push Hands:
    Stationary Single and Double Push Hands

Level Five (Advanced):

    Tai Chi Forms (One Required):
    Yang Style:  49 Competition Form
    Sun Style:  73 Competition Form

    Tai Chi Weapon Forms (One Required):
    Yang Style: Tai Chi Saber Form
    Modern Style:  Tai Chi 32-Sword Form
    Sun Style:  Wu Hao Saber Form

    Push Hands:
    Moving Single and Double Push Hands

Level Six (Senior Advanced)

    Tai Chi Weapon Forms (One Required):
    Yang Style: Tai Chi 67 Sword Form
    Sun Style:  Tai Chi 62 Sword Form

    Push Hands:
    Yang Two Man Fighting Form