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Chen Style Tai Chi
Chen Style – Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei

    Since he was 8 years old, Chen Zhenglei learned Tai Chi from his two uncles: Chen Zhaopi and Chen Zhaokui, the
son of Chen Fake. Under the two masters' personal examples as well as their verbal instruction for over 30 years, and the
support of the lofty ideal of the struggle for carrying forward Tai Chi culture, he repeatedly overcame various difficulties
and hardships, studied diligently and trained hard, and finally made great progress in Tai Chi boxing, saber, spear,
sword, pole routine and push-hands. He also formed his own splendid high level of Tai Chi theory, and enjoys the
reputation of being one of the world's most outstanding Tai Chi masters.
    From 1974 to 1987, Master Chen won the "Excellent" and gold medals over ten times in a row, won the national
championship two times running, and the titles of " Excellent Performance" and " Golden Lion" at two successive national
Tai Chi competitions.
    From 1989 to 1997, students trained by Master Chen won the championship 65 times at national and provincial
    Master Chen began his teaching career in 1972, and his thousands of students are now distributed over the world,
grand ceremonies of accepting apprentices have been held since Dec. 1996, now he has more than one hundred direct-
line apprentices in China. Since 1981, Master Chen has been receiving foreign guests, and in 1983, he began to visit
abroad at the invitations of over 30 countries, such as Japan, America, France, Italy, Britain, etc. He has also been invited
as Tai Chi adviser, honorary chairman and director by over 50 Wushu societies and organizations around the world..
Putting his spare time to good use, Master Chen devoted himself to theoretical research, the following are some of the
most well known books written by him, which have become precious documents for Tai Chi study – “Ten-phases Kongfu
Discussion”, “Chen-style Tai Chi Boxing”, and some teaching video works have been released into other languages, such
as Japanese, English, French, Spanish and Korean. Master Chen is the principle of Chen Village Tai Chi School, and the
president of the Academy of Pingdingshan Taichi-shaolin Study and Research, he was put in the famous book of “China's
Great Figures in 1992”, was elected as International Tai Chi grandmaster in 1994, and "Top Ten Martial Arts Masters" of
present day China by China National Wushu Association in Dec. 1995,

    Jiang Fa, a monk at the WuDang Temple, is credited with teaching the Chen family members. At the time, the art was
not referred to as Tai Chi, but was called Zhao Bao. This art used deep postures and was performed slowly. The art was
perfected by the Chen family members and kept secret from outsiders for generations. Since then Chen style had been
kept almost in secrecy within the village, it was said that the clan only taught daughters-in-law and not their daughters,
lest they took the art outside the village (there is no such thing as divorce those days!).
    Chen Style is characterized by emphasis of spiral force, and its movements are close to martial arts. Every move, no
matter how small or innocent in appearance, has an effective application. Slow movements intermix with fast and hard
movements complimentary to soft, and it is also characterized by explosive power and a low stance. Chen Style is rich
with combat techniques that are practical and effective, making it more enticing to younger people.