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White Crane Tai Chi
General Information

If you refer someone and they sign up for at least three months of Private Lessons you will receive a $25 credit you can
use towards lesson fees or any supply order.

It is important that you wear loose comfortable clothing to do Tai Chi and Qigong.  Traditional cotton or silk Tai Chi pants or
full uniforms can be ordered but are not required.  White Crane Tai Chi T-shirts are available for sale.  For lessons,
anything comfortable that allows movement is fine.  Thin-soled shoes are recommended and Tai Chi shoes are available by
order.  Help generate referrals by wearing the White Crane T-shirt.

A manual for the Tai Chi for Health program is available for purchase.  This manual gives a more in depth explanation of
Tai Chi and Qigong as well as the written instructions for each of the Level One and Two exercises.

No White Crane Tai Chi DVD's are available at this time

We can special order any weapon through Century and Tiger Claw and through our association with Jinheng Li; we have
access to a wide variety of martial arts weapons and supplies imported directly from China.

Senior Instructor:

Bill Cartmell:
I received my black sash in Tai Chi in January 2003 and my second black in March 2006.  

In January of 2004, I received a Level 5 Master’s instructor certification from World Tai Chi and was promoted to Level 6 in
February 2010.  World Tai Chi is a partnership between Master Peter Hill and Grandmaster Jinheng Li.  Grandmaster
Jinheng Li is a former coach of the world famous Beijing Wushu Team.  

In addition, I have attended numerous training seminars with many instructors in Tai Chi and Qigong including Yang Style
Tai Chi Grandmasters Yang Zhenduo and Yang Jun and Sun Style Tai Chi Grandmaster Sun Yongtian.

I founded White Crane Tai Chi in 2004 and Linking Energy Tai Chi in 2017.  I am a member of the International Yang Style
Tai Chi Chuan Association and the Tai Chi for Health Community.