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White Crane Tai Chi
Modern Style Tai Chi
Modern Style – Grandmaster Zeng Nailiang

     National Level Martial Arts Coach. Vice-chair of Fujian Martial Arts Association. His students Gao Jiamin and Chen
Sitan are Champions in Chinese National, Asian and World Martial Arts Championships. He was awarded "Experts of
Outstanding Contributions" in 1993, and in recognition of which, he now enjoys a special subsidy from the government

     Between the different styles of Tai Chi – Yang, Chen, Sun, Wu, there are dozens of different forms.  There are: solo
slow forms, solo fast forms, two-person slow and fast forms.  The problem is that you can find multiple versions of the
same form with different masters teaching the form a little different.
During the 1950’s, the Chinese government brought various Tai Chi masters to Beijing to create standard forms that
could be officially taught throughout China.  The Tai Chi masters first came up with a 24 form based on the Yang style.  
They then created a 48 form that incorporated various parts of Yang, Chen, Sun and Wu styles.  
      For each style of Tai Chi there are now official forms.  For example for the Yang style there is Yang Competition 40-
Form and an official version of the Yang Long Form - the Yang 88-Form and similar official forms for each of the Tai Chi
styles.   The 24-Form and the 48-Form are part of the Wushu training program. Wushu is made up of various Chinese
martial arts such as Kung Fu and Tai Chi.