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White Crane Tai Chi
Sun Style Tai Chi
Sun Style – Grandmaster Sun Yongtian

     Taiji Master from Sun Family. The 3rd Sect Head of Sun Taiji. Vice-chair of Beijing Martial Arts Association. Standing
Vice-president of Sun Taiji Research Institute. Permanent Honorary President of American and Hongkong Sun Taiji
Research Institute.

     Sun style is the youngest of the major styles, it was created by Sun Lu-tang (1861-1932) whose daughter Sun Jian-
yun is still living in Beijing. Sun was a well-known exponent of the Xingyiquan and Baguaquan (two famous internal martial
art styles) before he learnt Tai Chi. In 1912 Sun happened to run into Hoa Weizheng (see Hoa style) who was sick.
Without knowing who Hoa was, Sun kindly took care of Hao by finding him a hotel to rest a good doctor to treat him. After
Hoa recovered from his illness he stayed in Sun's house and taught him Tai Chi.
     It was said that Sun had only spent a relatively short period of time learning it and had subsequently incorporated his
expertise of Xingyiquan and Baguaquan to create his own style.
     Sun Style is characterized by agile steps. Whenever one foot moves forward or backwards the other foot follows. Its
movements flow smoothly like water or cloud. Whenever you turn there is an opening and closing movement, which is a
powerful Qigong exercise. Sun Style has a high stance.
     The good points of Sun style are that it contains much Qigong, which is effective for relaxation and healing. The
higher stance makes it more suitable for older people to learn. It is characterized by moving frequently or more mobility,
making it especially suitable for people with arthritis.