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Yang Style Tai Chi
Yang Style – Grandmaster Yang Zhenduo

   Master Yang Zhenduo is the 4th Generation of the Yang Family and internationally recognized bearer of its rich
heritage. He was born in Beijing in 1926 and is the great grandson of the Yang LuChan, the creator of Yang Style Tai Chi
Chuan. His grandfather is Yang Jianhou, second generation of the Yang Family. His father is Yang Chengfu, the third
generation of the Yang Family and one of the most famous martial artists of this century. The postures set forth by Yang
Chengfu in his latter years are the standard that Master Yang Zhenduo emulates in his teaching and strives to achieve in
his own practice.
   He started studying with his father when very young and continued studying with his elder brother after his father
passed away. Not only did he practice hard, but also he enjoyed researching and advancing his technique. He worked
hard at understanding and advancing the theory of Tai Chi Chuan. Being very approachable and caring, he has
continuously treated those around him with kindness and respect. His patience is a reflection of his father's character. He
possesses a great desire to pass on his ancestors' consummate skill and spends his time unselfishly sharing the benefits
of Tai Chi Chuan.
   In 1960 Master Yang Zhenduo moved to Taiyuan, Shanxi Province. Since then, Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan has
gradually spread within Taiyuan and to other cities, provinces, and countries. Now, his students number in the tens of
thousands in his home province and are spreading throughout the world at an ever-increasing rate.  He has traveled to 8
different countries to share his charisma and his art.
   In 1982 Yang Zhenduo founded the Shanxi Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan Association, and has served as President since.
The Association has now grown to over 30,000 members throughout the Province and is the largest martial arts
organization of its kind in China. In October 1998 Yang Zhenduo founded the International Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan
Association, serving as Chairman of the Board. Under his leadership, in just one year the International Association has
grown to 18 centers in 9 countries with over 350 members. The Chinese WuShu Academy recognized Master Yang
Zhenduo in 1996 as one of the top 100 WuShu Masters in China. He has also been honored by proclamations from the
Mayors of San Antonio, Texas and Troy, Michigan. Master Yang Zhenduo has appeared on the covers of Tai Chi and
other martial arts magazines at home and abroad. He has written 5 books on the study of Tai Chi and countless articles.
He has produced 3 complete sets of videos instructing in the Yang Style system of Tai Chi.
Next in line is his grandson Master Yang Jun who he has carefully trained from age 7 to continue the Yang family
tradition. Master Yang Jun was announced at the tenth anniversary of the Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan Association on July
6, 2009 as the official 5th generation master of the Yang Family.

   Yang Style is the most popular style. Yang Lu Chan (1799-1872) created it in the early 19th century. Every evening
the Chen family members would practice under the guidance of their grandfather, Chen Chang Xin. There was a walled
courtyard, so no one could see their techniques. Yang Lu Chan was very curious and secretly climbed the wall to observe
the practice sessions. Afterwards, he would secretly practice on his own. Eventually, he got caught. He was invited to join
the other family members and Chen Chang Xin found Yang Lu Chan had surpassed many of the Chen family members.
He began to teach Yang Lu Chan privately to show him the inner workings of the Chen family art.
   Yang Lu Chan was recommended to teach at the Imperial court. While there the art was known as Mien Quan (Cotton
Fist) or Hua Quan (Neutralizing Fist). Later, a scholar by the name of Ong Tong was so impressed with the way Yang Lu
Chan executed and performed his techniques that he wrote a verse to embody the motions that he saw.
From that point on, the art became known as Tai Chi.  Since Yang Lu Chan was the teacher, the art was specifically
called Yang’s Tai Chi.  Its movements are gentle, graceful, effective for health promotion, and easier to learn. Suitable for
almost all ages and physical conditions.