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White Crane Tai Chi
FAQS (Frequently asked Questions!)
FAQS and Education

Which Style of Tai Chi do I teach?:
     My primary style I teach is the Yang style.  The Tai Chi for Health program is a combination of the Yang style, the Sun
style and the Modern style.  Students can learn a combination of these styles or concentrate on either the Yang or Sun

Where did the school name come from?
    The name of our school, White Crane Tai Chi, was not chosen to show a direct association with White Crane style Kung
    Tai Chi includes many White Crane movements in the forms and Chin Na techniques (locks and seizing).  Next to the
, the Crane is the most celebrated Bird in Chinese Legends. It is endowed with many mythical attributes and is one
of the most common emblems of longevity.  Since the benefits of Tai Chi practice is improved health and longevity, and
based on the historical roots of Tai Chi, the name White Crane Tai Chi was chosen for our school.
 White Crane Tai Chi
was started in 2004.

Are there different types of Tai Chi?
    Yes, each type or style is very different but they all have the same foundation.  When most people train in Tai Chi they
are learning one of the traditional five family styles of Tai Chi which is the Chen family, the Yang family, the Wu family, the
Wu (Hao) family or the Sun family.  Besides the family styles there are the lesser known styles of Wu Dang, Zhao Bao and
Shaolin.  In China today the Modern or Xin style is very popular and is taught in schools throughout China.  The Modern
style has official or standardized versions of the family style forms as well as combined forms which include four family styles
in one form.

Are there any things I should do or be aware of before starting a Tai Chi class?
    Getting a physical examination by your personal physician is recommended before starting any exercise program, so
that you can be aware of pre-existing conditions that you want to target or avoid in your training. It is essential to have the
intent to strengthen and enhance your energy, because too much too soon can be detrimental to your health.  Listen to
your body! Do NOT overheat or overextend in expanding or compressing. Drink lots of water and take your time.