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World Tai Chi Program
The World Tai Chi program is an internationally recognized progressive education program for Tai Chi developed by
Grandmaster Jinheng Li and Master Peter Hill combining traditional and authentic Eastern training methods presented in a
Western format and perspective.
 A beginning student can become certified from a very basic level and, with continuing education, can become certified to
teach Tai Chi and integrate this program within their existing profession. Health Care and Martial Arts professionals from
around the globe choose the World Tai Chi system as a simple method to integrate Tai Chi within their field of expertise.

                                                     Level One
Tai Chi Basics:
Warm up/Stretching exercises.
Tai Chi Stance Training
Zhan Zhuang Five Standing Postures
Tai Chi Walking and Stepping

Qigong Exercise Sets:
5 Organ Set Qigong
5 Centering Set Qigong
8 Pieces Of Brocade Qigong
12 Tao Yin Qigong
8 Essentials of Tai Chi Qigong

                                                      Level Two
Qigong Exercise Sets:
Hua Tuo's Crane Qigong
Hua Tuo's Deer Qigong
Hua Tuo's Bear Qigong

Tai Chi Form:
Modern Style: Integrated Tai Chi 13-Form

                                                     Level Three
Tai Chi Form:
Tai Chi 24 Form (Beijing Short Form)
Tai Chi 24 Form Applications

Tai Chi Applications:
Single and Double Push Hands

                                                       Level Four
Tai Chi Forms:
Tai Chi Boxer Form 1
Tai Chi Fan Form

                                                        Level Five

Tai Chi Forms:
Tai Chi Boxer Form Two - Stalking Panther
Tai Chi 32 Sword Form

                                                         Level Six
Tai Chi Form:
Tai Chi Boxer Form Three - The Monkey

Tai Chi Applications:
Yang Two Person Fighting Form